David Briley: opposing English Only “important to me and our City”

David Briley

David Briley

Former mayoral candidate David Briley stressed the importance of opposing English Only in an e-mail to his supporters, reproduced here by Michael Cass of the Tennessean.  This is an excerpt:

I have not written you since the 2007 election but I am writing now to ask you to get involved in an issue that is important to me and our City.  I am asking you to Vote Against the English Only ballot referendum that will be held on January 22. Personally, I oppose English Only for many reasons…


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One response to “David Briley: opposing English Only “important to me and our City”

  1. Chris Chamberlain

    Thanks to David for his fine performance on tonight’s NPT broadcast. Although I’m afraid he was preaching to the choir when considering the public television audience and I’m sorry that Seigenthaler gave him such a crazy downer of a final question to finish his argument (hearing impaired?), I just wanted to let him know that his efforts are appreciated.

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