Nashvillian of the Year Gregg Ramos opposes English Only

Gregg Ramos

Gregg Ramos

Gregg Ramos, part of Nashville for All of Us, has been named Nashvillian of the Year by the Nashville Scene.  Here is an excerpt from the cover story:

On the eve of this city-defining election, the Scene is proud to recognize Gregg Ramos as its 2008 Nashvillian of the Year.

Now here’s the surprise: That’s not why Ramos gets the honor. Not entirely, anyway. If fighting English Only were all it took to be Nashvillian of the Year, we’d quickly (and gladly) use up the city’s reserves of trophies, plaques and engraving. The coalition gathering against the amendment can be said to encompass three basic groups: those with the most, those with the least, and those in the middle. Their ranks include university presidents and college custodians; pastors of every denomination and their parishioners; the mighty Chamber of Commerce and little-funded neighborhood organizations. Not for nothing is their broad movement affiliated under the name Nashville for All of Us.


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