Realtors: entire Middle Tennessee area threatened by English Only

gnarThe Greater Nashville Association of Realtors (GNAR)  raises the possibility of harm beyond Nashville if English Only passes.  The statement, on GNAR letterhead, is here and is also reproduced below:


The Greater Nashville Association of Realtors announces that it is encouraging its members who live in Davidson County and all Davidson County voters to defeat the “English Only” initiative.

The various arguments for and against the amendment have been adequately communicated through the local media. GNAR agrees with and fully supports the perspective and position as communicated by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and a host of others.

As a regional trade association, we agree that to pass such a measure would be damaging to the reputation and position of the entire Greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area, not just Davidson County.

It is our belief that the measure would significantly complicate and hamper the efforts of the area Chambers of Commerce, as well as the various governmental economic development efforts.

Consequently, we are recommending and encouraging the defeat of this initiative.


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