Deluge of opposition to English Only

Image by Alexandre Duret-Lutz.  Licensed via Creative Commons.

Image by Alexandre Duret-Lutz. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Even with approximately 70 posts to date, this blog has not reproduced all of the written opposition to English Only in Nashville, nor could it ever.  Because today is the day of the special election and the last day to vote, however, the best we can do with the “waiting list” of those comments, letters, columns, blog posts, other statements of support, and news that have so far gone unpublished here is to link to as much of them as we can in list form below.

Our apologies to those whose public statements and endorsements have not been included here – and there are many of you.  We know that everyone who has spoken out against the charter amendments in any context is a part of this effort.

Thank you! 

Letters, columns, blog posts, and other statements of support

The Tennessean’s editorial

Gail Kerr column

Multiple posts by Nathan and Sarah Moore

This post by David and Blair Macleod

Belmont UMC staff statement

Multiple posts by Southern Beale

This statement by Trinity Presbyterian Church

Multiple videos on Nashville for All of Us YouTube channel

Belmont Professor Andrew Watts’ column

Multiple posts by Carrie at Bilingual in the Boonies

The City Paper‘s editorial on financial disclosures

Diocese of Nashville statement

Nashville Scene Boner Awards

This post by Ben of Border Stories

Multiple posts by Mike Byrd at Enclave

Barbara Mathieson’s post

This Epiphany Sunday sermon at Second Presbyterian Church

Various posts by Mari Mancini

Conservative Vanderbilt columnist Katherine Miller

This post by Ricky on Robo Tripping

Beverly Keel column

Aunt B.’s post

Nancy Stetton in Tennessee Voices

This post by Scribe by Trade

DeeGee Lester’s letter to the editor

This post by the Nexotraditional Conservative

Ginny Welsch in Tennessee Voices

Faith leaders’ press conference

Maxine Schoggen’s letter to the editor

This post by A Disgruntled Republican

Vanderbilt Orbis cover story

John Ray Clemmons press release

Rally of opposition to English Only at Music City Ball

This e-mail from the St. Edward Social Action Committee

This Tennessean editorial on health

Rev. Enoch Fuzz statement

This post by Tim Chavez

Dan Cornfield in Tennessee Voices


As far as the latest news, this is a sampling:

Will Nashville go English Only?

World watching English-Only vote

Voters decide today if English is it for Metro

Nashville would be largest city with English Only

Miami repealed English Only after years of headaches

English Only is unclear

English Only designed to reverse itself

Translators vital to police services

Hiding the English Only money


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