Stand Up against SB63

The Steering Committee of Nashville for All of Us (“N4AOU”) issues this statement to urge Tennesseans to stand up against Tennessee Senate Bill 63 and Tennessee House Bill 262 and any other efforts reminiscent of the English-Only Charter Amendment that was defeated last year in Nashville. Nashville voters made their voices heard that such “English-only” efforts undermine tourism and economic development and send the wrong message to and about our community.

We urge all members of the Tennessee General Assembly to vote no against these measures and other “English-only” efforts. We encourage N4AOU members, supporters and friends to voice their opposition to their representatives in the Tennessee legislature. Those interested can learn more about the SB63 and HB262 drivers test measures here.

Further information about N4AOU and its mission can be found at


David Briley
Kenny Byrd
Sonnye Dixon
Mark Eatherly
Stephen Fotopulos
Dan Haskell
Tricia Hersfeld
John Lamb
Debby Dale Mason
Kathleen Murphy
Tom Negri
Alistair Newbern
Tom Oreck
Avi Poster
Lisa Pote
Floyd Shechter
Renata Soto
John Tighe
Hedy Weinberg
Stephen Zralek


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