Vote for a welcoming Nashville on August 4

It is time once again to make your voices heard in support of a welcoming and inclusive Nashville!  Early voting is now taking place in the races for Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and Metro Council, and Election Day — August 4 — will be here soon.  These elections will help chart the course for our city’s future.  Use your votes in all of the races and keep Nashville a city in which every voice is heard!
Nashville For All of Us recently asked all of the candidates in Metro elections to join us in our commitment to ensure Nashville is a productive, just, and welcominig city where all residents are valued. We asked the candidates to affirm the following pledge:
As a candidate for the Nashville Metro Council, I pledge that I will support a Nashville that is built on shared values and aspirations; is committed to inclusivity, equality, and the ethical and moral treatment of all residents; encourages and values the contributions of all citizens; makes its services and benefits accessible to all; embraces every resident’s inherent worth and dignity; and encourages civil and respectful public discourse among its residents and their representatives.
We are pleased that these candidates have committed to supporting this vision for our city:
Candidate Office Incumbent (I) Candidate Office Incumbent (I)
Karl Dean Mayor I David Glasgow District 18
Diane Neighbors Vice Mayor I Erica Gilmore District 19 I
Megan Barry At-Large I Curt Wallen District 19
Renard Francois At-Large Buddy Baker District 20 I
Jerry Maynard At-Large I J. Gower Mills District 20
Donald Ray McFolin At-Large Mary Carolyn Roberts District 20
Don O’Donniley At-Large Seanna Brandmeir District 22
Ronnie Steine At-Large I Emily Evans District 23 I
Sajid W. Usmani At-Large Jason Holleman District 24 I
Lonnell Matthews, Jr. District 1 I Sarah Lodge Tally District 24
Frank Harrison District 2 I James Michael Kaminski District 25
DeCosta Hastings District 2 Sean McGuire District 25 I
Brady Banks District 4 Chris Harmon District 26
Eugene Batsuk District 4 Greg Dooley District 27
Scott Davis District 5 Travis Danker District 28
Priscilla Eaton District 5 Tanaka Vercher District 28
Dave Rich District 6 Arnett H. Bodenhamer District 29
Hans Schmidt District 6 Karen Y. Johnson District 29
Peter Westerholm District 6 Vicky Tataryn District 29
Anthony Davis District 7 Isaac Okoreeh-Baah District 29
Nancy VanReece District 8 Vivian Wilhoite District 29
Darren Jernigan District 11 I
Jason Potts
District 30
Steve Glover District 12 Fabian Bedne District 31
Anna Page District 16  I James Widrig District 31
Sandra Moore District 17 I Markeith Braden District 32
Burkley Allen District 18 Jacobia C. Dowell District 32
Carter Todd District 34 I
A “Nashville for All of Us” is not just a place to live, but a way of life for our city.  It is built on shared values and aspirations.  It is committed to inclusivity, equality, and the ethical and moral treatment of all Nashvillians.  It encourages and values the contributions of all residents to their community and makes its services and benefits accessible to all.  It embraces and defends all persons’ inherent dignity.  It is a vision that will be a reality when we all speak up.
Speak up for Nashville; speak up for all of us.  Get out and vote!
For more information on early voting and the August 4 election, please visit
Nashville For All of Us Steering Committee Members:
Alistair Newbern, Chair
Stephen Fotopulos
Renata Soto
Krissa Barclay
Lisa Pote, Secretary
David Taylor
Kenny Byrd
Kathleen Murphy
Hedy Weinberg
Sonnye Dixon
Tom Negri
Anderson Williams
Mark Eatherly
Avi Poster
Stephen Zralek

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